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Commercial Loans

Please review the following then fill out and submit the Commercial Loan Application.

Eligible property types:
  • Multi-family Apartments
  • Mixed Use
  • CBD Office
  • Suburban Office
  • Medical Office
  • Student Housing
  • Warehouses / Distribution / Flex
  • Flagged Hotels
  • Parking Garage
  • Self Storage
  • Restaurants
  • Ranches/Farms
  • Grocery Anchored Retail Shopping Centers
  • Special Purpose

Lending in the major metropolitan areas of the US 

We offer private money Bridge & Hard Money Loans ($200,000 - $10,000,000)
Purchase, Re-finance, Rehab/Remodel/Renovation, Short Sales, REO's

EZ Qualifying & No up front due diligence fees!

First Trust Deed Lien Position (2nd lien positions by request)
  • Commercial Purchase      up to 65% LTV      
  • Commercial Refinance     up to 65% LTV        
  • Rehab/Remodel Loans     up to 65% LTV    
  • Interest Rate                     4.9%-6.9% (could be more or less depending on terms and collateral)           
  • Terms                                1-5 years                 
  • Amortization                      Interest only               
  • Recourse                          TBD by lender                    
  • Origination Fee                 TBD by lender              
  • Broker Points                    1-2               
  • Up-front costs                    Appraisal only
  • Prepayment Penalty          None for most
  • Exit Fee                             None                   
  • Extensions                        Yes               
  • Extension Fee                   Points TBD by lender               
  • Borrowing Entity                Special Purpose       

To close your Commercial loan QUICKLY, please review the following:

If you are applying for a loan to purchase a property, the property must be under contract when you submit your loan request as we will need to see a copy of the contract and approximate closing date. Note that we do not do pre-qualifications. 

The ability to fund a loan quickly has a lot to do with the organization of the Borrower and Property information. In order to receive the quickest loan approval, we ask that you submit all of the information when requested.  For certain transactions, we may ask you to submit additional or updated information.
Additional comments:
  • We can do most loans in a very short amount of time as long as you are willing to send us what we need to evaluate the deal and your situation
  • When you send us a loan request, please be prepared to send all documentation as soon as we request it
  • A special note about rates: Rates vary depending on the type of property financed, for how long, the borrower's experience, net worth etc. If the loan is for a refinance of a loan currently in default, the rate may be the maximum quoted. What you have to realize is that the rate doesn't last forever. This is bridge or hard money financing for a short term - just long enough to get a borrower into the property or get a borrower financing to be able to stay in the property until the borrower can refinance into a conventional loan.
  • Borrower FICO scores are used to determine the interest rate and terms of a loan. Low scores WILL NOT be the determining factor for a loan being declined.
  • Loan approvals are based on collateral (the property) and ability to pay back the loan. Ability to pay back the loan is based on the income generated from the property. The income must be adequate to cover the loan payments, after deducting operating expenses of the property.
  • If the property you are seeking the loan on is initially short on income but you can show you can increase income (such as raising rents etc.), or you have other collateral you can offer to secure the loan, then this will increase your change of securing the loan approval.
Just know that our goal is to help you close on your loan as quickly as possible and a win for you is also a win for us and our investor

If you are inquiring about a loan, fill out the quick form "Contact Us About A Loan" and we'll get back to you shortly.

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