About Us


RE CAPITAL GROUP is a multi-faceted company that specializes in Residential & Commercial Real Estate Sales, Investing and Lending.


To be the most successful privately owned and managed Residential and Commercial real estate re-development company in southern California,

  • Providing a service to our neighbors & communities by taking distressed properties and rehabilitating them and returning them to the community as quality properties offered at affordable prices
  • Providing top quality services to our members and investors by incorporating proven, professional state of-the-art techniques specializing in the acquisition and sales of real estate, real estate training and investment programs
  • Providing lucrative deals to our members and investors so they can make safe consistent profits when they purchase our deals, partner in deals with us or fund our deals


The company

  • Acquires and develops quality properties based on realistic values for our own investment affiliates, as well as joint venture partners. These real estate activities will take place in selected targeted markets within southern California
  • Buys, sells, leases, trades, develops, constructs or rehabilitating for profit, residential and commercial multi-family real estate with community enhanced amenities
  • Trains our members and others about residential or commercial real estate investing, how to broker commercial loans and how to syndicate a deal by pooling investor funds
  • Allows our members to partner with the company or with other members of the group on deals
  • Invites other investors to invest in real estate related opportunities with the company or on their own
  • Reviews exceptional real estate related investment opportunities
  • Does all other things customary in the business of real estate as allowed by law within our business structure while at the same time, making sure we create a win-win situation for everyone involved in any of our real estate transactions

Meet Our CEO

Cheryl Gollnick
Chief Executive Officer
Director Of Administration
Real Estate Broker
DRE 01117664
Direct (951) 318-6420

Cheryl formed RE CAPITAL GROUP as an extension to her real estate brokerage, Real Estate Group which helps homeowners who want to sell the traditional way or those who are facing foreclosure, are in foreclosure, or are suffering some sort of family or financial crisis and need a way to sell their property quickly and without having to pay any costs or commissions, or make any repairs to the property. Homeowners can receive cash at closing even when they owe more than their property is worth.

When working with distressed real estate, our company searches for properties that can be acquired at 50%-75% of the “after repair value”. These properties generally need minor to moderate renovations before they can go into the retail or rental market.

RE CAPITAL GROUP will tie up the homeowners property that Real Estate Group finds. This saves the homeowner stress in wondering how long it will take to find a buyer for their property.

We will either rehab the property to bring it to it's full market potential and flip it to a buyer that wants to live in a turn key property or to an investor that wants to hold it for long term capital gains as a rental.

In addition, Cheryl has created a membership program where members have access to real estate training programs that allow them to refer homesellers to us and receive a referral fee, to partner with our company in deal transactions or to find distressed properties to flip themselves. The membership also gives members access to investment opportunities that come to RE CAPITAL GROUP or Real Estate Group.

Together, both our companies, RE CAPITAL GROUP and Real Estate Group can solve the problems faced by homeowners in distress and investors looking for exceptional investment opportunities.


Because of the explosive market demand, we are fortunate to be in a position to generate growth and success and to continue to generate revenues from our multiple investment opportunities.

Our company will continue to grow in a manner which will provide needed services to our market.

It is also our goal to establish good relationships with sellers, buyers, other investors, individuals, lenders and realtors to further our expansion.

Our expansion plans are realistic and achievable.

We are confident that we have the right people on our team and the right process in place to acquire other team members to help us achieve our goals.

The Goal To assist The Community

We are aware of our responsibility to the communities we do business in and our role in the betterment of these communities.

We will always make every effort to provide products that are of good quality and will blend in well with the neighborhood.​

Our Goal To Help Our Homesellers!
We make sure this doesn't happen!

We help homesellers to walk away with cash to help them move on with dignity


We remind them that their situation is only temporary!

The home they lost was just a house that will be replaced
The main goal is to keep their family happy and stress free

Our Goals To Help Others

Like everyone else who prospers and has a goal to help others, such as feeding the homeless, Cheryl Gollnick, our CEO has a particular goal. Her goal is to provide a sleeping bag to every homeless person in this country. We all know that everyone will help to feed a homeless person but what about with another area of their suffering. It's unbearable to think of someone who is a homeless child or adult being so cold with no way to get warm. Cheryl's feeling is that with having a sleeping bag to crawl into in the winter and something to sleep on top of in the summer will help to ease their suffering.

As our company prospers we will be in a position to help others as well and we will challenge our members and investors we work with to follow our lead.

We believe when you prosper, you should find a way to give back to the community and those in need.