Our Team


Cheryl Gollnick

Chief Executive Officer
Director Of Administration
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Trainer
DRE 01117664
Direct (951) 318-6420

Cheryl will use all her varied experiences to help the members of the group succeed in whatever their goals are; whether it be to educate themselves on the real estate market or to invest in real estate deals that are profitable.

Background & Experience:

  • Broker - Real Estate Group – a licensed Residential Brokerage firm
  • CEO of RE Capital Lending – a Commercial Brokerage & Private Money Broker
  • Real Estate Investor - past 18 years in Residential & Commercial
  • Real Estate Trainer – Residential, Commercial and Syndications
  • Experience in flips, rehabs, subject to, lease option, wraps, syndication
  • Partner in a $10M 248 unit Apartment syndication located in Texas
  • Previous Business Owner / Administrator of an employee management company for16 years – managing over 200 employees and providing services to employers such as payroll processing, employee benefits administration, HR training to staff members, workers compensation, claims management, unemployment and labor law issues, safety compliance and more


We provide a valuable service to our sellers in foreclosure who have received a "Notice of Default" or "Notice of Trustee Sale".

This service is free to sellers who work with us to purchase their property. We make sure an upcoming trustee sale date is postponed to allow us time to close escrow when purchasing their property.

This service is not meant to provide a way for a homeowner to permanently avoid foreclosure. It is meant for home sellers who have signed a purchase agreement with us.


Daniel Alaniz
Rehab Project ManagerDan is our rehab manager and he oversees all our rehab projects. He is responsible for finding contractors to complete the rehab work, overseeing their progress and making sure they meet our quality standards.


Holly Cotta

Software Engineer
Applications Developer

Background & Experience

Accomplished and innovative software engineer with 15+ years of experience. Provided software solutions for a wide variety of platforms and uses.

Designed and developed embedded systems applications for the military by designing and developing a Windows application to allow Air Force Operators to communicate reliably and securely over GPS.

Track record of providing design, code, and integration with other software/hardware quickly to meet customers’ requirements on aggressive schedules.

Gave technical direction as a subject matter expert when needed.

Saw many products through all stages of their software life cycle.